Ivy Hook Workshop is a U.S. facility made up of a small group of local craftsmen who design and create fine home decor items.

J.R. Sanders, owner of Ivy Hook has a fine arts background and MFA graduate of Pratt Institute. He has spent over 35 years as a Graphic Designer and Museum Exhibit Designer working with clients such as The New York Public Library, The Whitney Museum, The Asia Society, The New York Historical Society, The National Urban League, Verizon, The Library of Congress and many other organizations.

For the past 20 years he has been selling home accessories within the New York City area. He is now overseeing the design and production of decorative items within his workshop. A small team of diligent workers take great care in implementing the designs.

Our serving trays are hand painted wood featuring a designer print protected under a thick layer of hand poured epoxy resin. They are highly decorative and functional for food or drinks and perfect to display on ottomans and shelving units.